Kelly Edwards

Photographer & Filmmaker

Born and raised in Australia, Kelly has traveled extensively across the 7 continents photographing wildlife, people and landscapes.

Graduating from the New York Film Academy Documentary Program in 2017, her work is driven by a desire to use different film mediums to start conversations around social justice and environmental issues.

Kelly is excited to partner with Oceanites for her first public release on World Penguin Day – April 25th – a limited edition NFT & physical print sale featuring a rare leucistic penguin chick.

With 25% of sales being donated to advance the Antarctic research and conservation work of Oceanites in Antarctica

Founded by Ron Naveen in 1987 Oceanites is a 501C3 non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that operates internationally with the central mission of assisting science-based conversation recommendations in Antarctica and increasing the awareness of climate change worldwide. Oceanites values are grounded, in science, education, stewardship, and transparency. Ongoing scientific work is the springboard for Oceanites’ climate change outreach, which uses penguins as avatars to explain how we humans, like all biological creatures may or may not adapt when the warming of the planet comes our way

To learn more about the work of Oceanites and Founder Ron Naveen watch the feature length documentary

The Penguin Counters